Receiving my pension earlier than my NRA

You can choose to start receiving your pension earlier than your Normal Retirement Age (NRA). Normally, this option is available from any time after your 55th birthday.

If you decide to take your pension before your NRA, your pension may be reduced as it is being paid before it is due. The reduction will be based on a factor decided by the Trustee having taken the appropriate advice. On request we will send you a retirement pack, which will include details of what pension you will receive, along with the Forms you will need to complete to arrange for your pension to be paid.

You will need to request a retirement pack from the NPF team at Buck.

Receiving a pension before age 55 due to ill health

Even if you have not yet reached age 55, you may still be able to start receiving a pension from the Fund. However, this option will only be available if the Trustee is satisfied that your incapacity is likely to be permanent, and will stop you doing your normal job.