What if my circumstances change?

If you have simply changed your address, you can update this on the Member Portal. If you wish to change the email address we hold for you, please contact the NPF team at Buck.

If the change means that you want to nominate someone different, to receive any benefits from the Fund (following your death), you will need to update your Expression of Wish. You can do this via the Member Portal.

If you have not yet registered on the Member Portal please contact the NPF team at Buck who will provide you with the information you require to complete the registration process.

Pensions and divorce/dissolution

If you are getting divorced, or ending (dissolving) a civil partnership, then it is normal that your pension will be taken into account, along with other assets you may have. You will therefore need to know the value of your Fund benefits. You should contact the NPF team at Buck and request a ‘Divorce pack’. This will contain all the information you and your solicitor will need.