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How do I take my benefits?

You can start receiving your pension any time after your 55th birthday. To find out how much your benefits might be worth at a certain age, you can make a Benefit Quotation on the Member Portal instantly. Log in to find out more.

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Annual Review 2023

Annual Review provides you with the latest news about the Fund and your pension.

What’s in the 2023 edition?

  • A summary of the Fund’s finances and funding position;
  • An update on the Fund’s investments and Climate Risk Report;
  • News about your Pension and cyber security; along with
  • Useful information to help you avoid becoming victim to a pension scam.

We hope you enjoy the read.

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Pension scams

Find out how to protect your valuable pension savings by avoiding pension scams. We've got the latest guidance on how to spot a scam and report it. Don't let a scammer enjoy your retirement.