That means that whether you are accessing the website with a web browser, voice browser or phone, in noisy surroundings, over or under lit rooms or trying to access hands-free, you'll still be able to get the information you need.

In order to be accessible this website must be easy to use and understand for as many visitors as possible. The site is designed to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Level A guidelines for accessibility, and we are committed to continuously working on improving the accessibility of the site.

W3C web accessibility initiative

Whilst you may have your own tools to help you access the information on this website, we have built several into this website to help you.

You can increase or decrease the words on every page using these icons

Many of the pages have a ‘Read aloud’ function. Switch this facility on and off here

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Read aloud

It is sometimes easier to change the contrast of a page. You can switch from a light to a dark background with this icon

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Useful links

We have included a number of links below, where you can find out about accessibility features for a variety of systems, or download free software. – This provides information about customising your computer; - for details about the Microsoft accessibility wizard and how to use it; - for details about the Apple Macintosh accessibility features; - for details about the Opera browser's accessibility features; - to enable accessibility features in Firefox and download extensions.