Cookies Policy

A cookie is a file which your computer downloads along with a web page. It is used to pass information between the user (the person looking at the website) and the server (the computer running and managing the website). Most websites use cookies.

Cookie information is a collection of letter and number codes representing data from the simple (for example whether a user has seen a particular page in a website) to the sophisticated (including whether a user has provided feedback on a particular aspect of the website).

Why are cookies used?

Cookies allow a website to recognise a user's device. Sometimes the information is needed for a particular part of a website to work properly.

So-called 'third party' cookies often include information about which adverts you have been shown or to help provide anonymous information about how the website is used so we can improve the performance. We do not use any advertising cookies on this site.

What cookies are used on this website and why?

Cookie type Use Auto-deletes
Security We use a cookie called a CSRF token as part of the security of this website. The token is a secret code that is included in data sent between your computer and our servers to help ensure that the data has not been intercepted and altered. True - when you close your web browser
Preferences To record your preferences you've made and to prevent you from seeing alerts you've already seen. False
Analytics To provide us with anonymous information about your visit so we can understand metrics such as the number of unique visitors and how they move around the site. This helps us to know which areas of the site are most valued and how best to update the site in the future. False

How do I manage cookies?

You can choose to disable cookies by changing settings within your browser. You can also choose to delete cookies once you have finished with the website – some cookies will delete themselves automatically.