Trustee Committees

There are three Committees, made up of smaller groups of Trustee Directors. These Committees are:

Investment & Funding Committee (IFC) meets quarterly to:

  • Monitor and implement investment decisions, that reflect the strategic investment objectives of the Fund;
  • Monitor the performance of the investment managers;
  • Monitor the funding position of the Fund;
  • Monitor the performance of the Fund against the flight plan, and considers the actions required, in accordance with the agreed de-risking protocol;
  • Negotiates with the Society on the triennial valuation, any associated deficit recovery plan, and the exposure of the Fund to the covenant;
  • Monitor all investment and funding risks, recommending any necessary controls.

Operations Committee (OC) meets quarterly to:

  • Monitor administration performance and compliance against, and the appropriateness of, the service standards;
  • Benchmark the performance of the Administrator;
  • Oversee the implementation of all member communications;
  • Monitor the annual budget;
  • Monitor all operational risks recommending any necessary controls;
  • Monitor and consider Permanent Ill-Health Early Retirement (PIER) processes.

Governance Committee meets twice a year to:

  • Monitor and review the Trustee Governance structure, and the Terms of Reference for all the Committees;
  • Monitor the Strategic Plan and the Trustee business plan;
  • Review the Trustee knowledge and understanding;
  • Review and agree the yearly audit plan, draft annual report and accounts;
  • Monitor and review of all delegations under the Fund's delegations register;
  • Have oversight of the Trustee risk process, and undertake an annual review of the risk framework;
  • Monitor and review all Trustee policies, agreements and protocol.