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In summary, your benefits are now left in the Fund until you either retire and draw your pension, or until you choose to transfer them to another registered pension arrangement.

Pension scams are still on the rise, it’s more important than ever to be aware of scammers trying to con you.
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Latest news

Results of the Member Nominated Trustee Director (MNTD) election


This year, two of our Member Nominated Trustee Directors’ (MNTDs) Terms of Office were due to end. We ran an election process to fill those vacancies, with four candidates standing. The ballot closed on 28 September 2021 and we’re now pleased to announce the results.

Member Nominated Trustee Director election


From Wednesday 25 August 2021, members eligible to vote in the Member Nominated Trustee Director election will start to receive details from our election partner.

Updated Message from Nationwide - Ongoing pensioner tax code issue


You may recall that some pensioner members were impacted by a tax code issue resulting from an isolated incident when we reported April’s pay information to HMRC after moving to a new payroll system. If you were affected by this, you’ll have received a communication from us in June.

We know that for the majority of pensioners impacted, you’ll have already had your record corrected and received a revised tax code.