How our Fund is run

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Our Fund is worth Billions of pounds, and like other valuable assets it needs to be maintained and protected.

Just like the smart people at NASA our Trustee relies on a team of specialists, to ensure everything goes to plan.

Our specialists include the actuary, fund managers, auditors and communication consultants.

They helped manage the Fund and let us know how it's doing.

To help run the Fund, the Trustee has a manual. It's called a trust deed.

It covers everything to do with running our Fund.

But the Trustee doesn't pilot our rocket.

This is entrusted to the Employee Pensions Team, who are the ones at the sharp end and who you are most likely to communicate with.

The Trustee oversees this expert team and has complete responsibility and ultimate control.

For more information about the Trustee, visit the Fund website and go to the managing the Fund page.

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