How to view your Deferred Pension

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Planning for your future is important.

You can view how much annual pension you have built up at Nationwide Pension Fund and when it is paid in full, on the Member Portal.

On your dashboard, scroll down the page to the Deferred Pension Details tab and click on the arrow in the corner.

The tab will show your projected annual pension at your Normal Retirement Date. It also shows the date you stopped paying into the Fund.

To find out more information, click view.

You will be able to see a breakdown of how much you have contributed, your pension as at your date of leaving, your pension as at the statement date which any pension increases that have been applied, and a projected annual pension at your Normal Retirement Date.

This also includes the option of taking a maximum tax-free lump sum and the value of your reduced annual pension.

Remember, these are estimated pension amounts and the actual value when you take your benefits may change.

If you need any help, you can call the Helpline on 0330 123 9677, or email us at

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